Tools for UI 2020 First-Generation College Celebration Week

Events can be geared towards specific students, faculty, staff... or everyone!

Not sure what "first-generation" means? Click here for more information.

Ways To Participate

Events held as part of this celebration do not have to be expensive, time-consuming endeavors. Here are some ways your area can participate:

  • Already have a departmental event or meeting scheduled that week (or close to it)? Make it a themed event and feature the topic of first-generation students.
  • Be creative! Events may be held virtually- host a trivia night, virtual open mic, online yoga session...anything that brings people "together" to celebrate.
  • Host a faculty/student coffee hour and invite students to share their thoughts with each other on what it's like to be a 1stGen@Iowa.
  • Work in a service area? Host an informational session that specifically addresses issues that first-gen students may encounter or may find of particular interest.
  • Schedule a training session to help faculty/staff in your area learn how to better support first-generation students (contact for information).
  • Invite students to panel discussions, webinars, or film screenings.
  • Wear your 1stGen@Iowa t-shirts and post pictures to social media (don't forget to includes hastags- below)
  • Send an email to your department/students that recognizes the many accomplishments of your first-gen faculty, staff, and students (or alumni).
  • Review the Ways to Make a Difference webpage in your weekly departmental meeting and create (or enlist help to create) an action plan that is specific to your area.
  • Encourage everyone in your area to attend the First Annual First-Generation Student Awards & Recognition Ceremony on November 13 (see calendar for more information)
  • Need more ideas? Visit the NASPA Center for First-Generation Student Success: 101 Ways to Celebrate on November 8

Advertising Your Event

  • Click here to add your event or planned activity to our master schedule. 
  • 1stGen@Iowa Logo- Use the 1stGen@logo on your electronic or printed correspondence. 
  • The First-Generation Task Force is working on advertising and communication efforts, but we need your help! Please consider reaching out to your target audience and invite them to attend your event (and visit the website to see our full schedule).
  • Don't forget to utilize your social media accounts to help advertise for your event as well as the celebration in general.

During Your Event

  • Want to share photos & updates? Use #IowaFirstGen, #celebratefirstgen, @uiowa or #uiowa to participate in national and campus-wide social media campaigns.
  • Hosting an event and looking for some 1stGen@Iowa SWAG to distribute to your guests or use as prizes? Contact for 4-color pens, magnets, and stickers (supplies are limited). Bright yellow 1stGen@Iowa t-shirts are also available but in very limited sizes (M, L, and XL)

What's All Happening November 8 - 13?