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The 1stGen@Iowa initiative seeks to inform and educate the campus community, support first-generation students in their academic and career endeavors, and ensure that students ultimately succeed at the University of Iowa.

Explore our celebrations! Learn about the 1stGen@Iowa Awards, which are part of our annual 1stGen@Iowa Awards & Recognition Ceremony. Or find out how your unit can participate in the institution-wide National First-Generation College Celebration, which takes place for a full week in early November. And more!

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Tell your story!

Are you one of the thousands of students, faculty, and staff who identify as a first-gen college student? Now you can tell your story with our First-Gen Emblem!

Download the first-gen emblem (above) and use it online or in printed materials. Instructors can add it to their syllabus. Include it on a profile page...the possibilities are endless!

Are you someone who didn't identify as first-gen, but want to communicate that you're an advocate for first-gen students? Visit our Ways to Make a Difference page to find the "Proud to Support First-Gen" emblem. 

To download the "Proud to Support First-Gen" emblem, right-click and "save image as" to your computer.

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