Ways to Make a Difference for First-Generation Students

The following resources were compiled or composed by UI First-Generation Task Force members, which is a task force that includes faculty, staff, and student leaders from across campus. For more information on first-generation students, or to recommend additional resources, please email angela-lamb@uiowa.edu


Normalize help-seeking behavior, such as visiting office hours.


Resources Developed by First-Generation Task Force Members
The First Gen Task Force created the following document based on research, University of Iowa data, and interviews with University of Iowa students. 

Ways to Make a Difference

This document serves as an introduction to first-generation students at the University of Iowa and provides insight on how the UI community might better understand and positively influence our first-generation students.

The UI Office of Teaching Learning & Technology Center for Teaching, in collaboration with UI faculty member Carolyn Colvin (College of Education), created a companion document that focuses on recommendations for faculty and TAs in their interactions with first-generation students:

 UI faculty and staff are welcome to share these documents with colleagues and are encouraged to discuss how this information can be utilized within your department or office. 
If you create your own companion document that focuses on the types of interactions you and your colleagues have with students, let us know and we will share it here with others on campus.


Resource Developed by the UI College of Education Rehabilitation Counseling Program